Securing your Facebook Profile from Fascists and other undesirables in 3 easy steps!

Gday everyone, sorry for the radio silence!

We’ve been flat out getting organised to run the Nazis outta town this Saturday the 18th of July, and unfortunately we’ve not made as much use of this blog as we could have.

But that changes today! Every day this week, we’ll be adding resources to blog designed to equip you with the tools you need to stay safe & be effective whilst fighting fascism.

First cab off the rank is a quick guide to Facebook security for antifascists courtesy of the Black Flag Western Sydney Peoples Collective.

We reckon this is especially important to do (if you haven’t already!) in the lead up to the “Reclaim Australia” / Ugly Paranoid Fuckwits rallies happening across ‘Straya this weekend.

Why? Because they’re gonna lose. And they’re gonna lose badly.

When they do, they’ll be looking for people to blame & will focus the incoherent vitriol of their supporters on scapegoating quite literally anybody they can find who is an anti-racist or antifascist. It has been common practice amongst white nationalists, fascists & various other “patriot” slimeballs for quite some time now to threaten, harass, doxx or otherwise intimidate those with the courage to oppose them publicly and the stakes have never been higher than they are right now.

These precautions may seem like common sense to many of us, but we reckon it’s not enough for experienced activists to know how to stay safe without sharing that information with others we hope to bring into the movement. We’d really appreciate if folks shared this link around, and gave their mates a hand locking everything down nice’n’tight so we can get on with the business of opposing the fash.

Thanks again to our mates up there on Darug Country for the guide – and keep watching the blog this week for more resources, tools & tips.

See you on the streets on July 18!

Stand together. Stay safe. ¡No pasarán!

Melbourne Antifascists


When engaging in anti-fascist, anti-racist or even criticising Nationalist and Fascist groups it is important to secure your information online. In this guide we will talk a little bit about common Fascist tactics to identify ANTIFA agitators, and how to thwart it. This is particularly important if you are using a personal account where information about your life, family and friends is actually posted. If you are using a fake account that does not actually interact with anyone outside of Groups and Events this guide is less relevant, but may still be worth following nonetheless.

We’ll start with an easy one, as it is quite a common tactic for Fascists to create fake profiles that appear sympathetic to the plight of refugees or even involved in Anti-Fascist actions themselves. This is why you must not accept friend requests from people that you do not personally know, or people that trusted sources…

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