The Visual Database: Identifying symbols of the far-right

Thanks to AFA Sydney for producing this guide to symbols & iconography used by various racist, fascist & neo-Nazi groups.

Anti Fascist Action Sydney

Identifying and understanding far right symbolism is crucial in gaining an inside knowledge into which segment of the movement the enemy will fall into. In particular political movements, images are very important, allowing members of a certain tribe to proudly identify and signify to the outside world where this person stands. Symbolism has played a prominent role in movements both old and new and being able to see these can help arm one with the knowledge needed to distinguish a friend from an enemy.

Far Right Symbolism

Within white supremacist and neo fascist movements, imagery has played a dominant role through propaganda, uniforms, flags and general appearance and has helped the movement attract larger numbers, and even gain respectability as well as strike fear into its opponents. Today images used by this movement are primarily recycled and re appropriated to suit the movement today. Below are a few typical systems…

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