Voices of the UPF

The concerned mums and dads of Reclaim Australia and the UPF made it so clear on Sunday Night with Kent Brockman that they are very, very, very super duper concerned about getting their chance to speak their minds and do that freedom of speech thing our constitution is so super keen on. In keeping with that, we’d like to give a voice to the forgotten Patriots. Because, what with the recent spectacular implosion of the UPF, a few Patriots have been getting a bit antsy. Those comments that haven’t been ignored or buried have been deleted by those pesky left wing social justice warriors, I mean, the UPF. Here, to fix the imbalance, is the Melbourne Antifascist Info special feature, VOICES OF THE UPF. Presented in four parts without commercial interruption in portable, slick PDFs.





G’night Patriots.

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